New Beginnings Charis Fellowship Church

Keith Shearer: Senior Pastor

Where were you born?
Connellsville, Pennsylvania.

What was it that you wanted to be as a child “when you grew up?”
When I was young, a garbage collector or a fireman. As I grew older a teacher, and finally a Bible teacher.

How was it that God brought you into full time ministry?
I began preaching in churches all over Pennsylvania and West Virginia at age 17; I was ordained in 1973; church elders recommended full-time ministry.

How long have you been ministering at the New Beginnings?
January 1, 1995.

What is your job title, what does your ministry entail?
Senior Pastor. *Expository Bible Preaching, Counseling, Vision Casting, Administration.

What is your wife’s name, and the names and ages of your children?
My wife’s name is Laura. I have two sons named Joshua and Phillip and one daughter, named Lisa.

How long have you been married?
I have been married since July 21, 1979.

What is one interesting fact about yourself that most people don’t know?
Even though I am very involved in missions and have preached in over 30 countries worldwide, I was turned down by a mission agency in 1975 because they said I should preach in the United States.

When not at work or studying I enjoy…