New Beginnings Charis Fellowship Church

Administrative Assistant: Denise Brightbill

Where were you born?
Reading, PA

What was it that you wanted to be as a child “when you grew up?”
Rockette or IRS agent

How was it that God brought you into full time ministry?
The church was going through a church split back in 1992-93 and the bookkeeper was leaving and I felt God was calling me to the ministry of bookkeeping which utilizes my abilities.

How long have you been ministering at the New Beginnings?
Since Jan. 1993

What is your job title, what does you ministry entail?
Bookkeeper, keep all of the church financial records.

What is your husband’s name, and the names and ages of your children?
Rick Brightbill
Richard - 39
Rachael - 29

How long have you been married?
31 years

What is one interesting fact about yourself that most people don’t know?
I like murder mysteries.

When not at work or studying I enjoy…
Cleaning, spending time with my three granddaughters, golfing with my husband.