New Beginnings Charis Fellowship Church

What are ABF’s?

Some Advantages of ABF’s

The following thoughts come from “The ABF Book” by Knute Larson.
A manageable system is established – Using the ABF system for congregational care, evangelism Bible study, and social activities becomes very manageable because they are dealt with in a much smaller group than the corporate worship body. This makes it possible for the pastor to coach, and the ABF leaders to care for the people.

Growth happens by division—An ABF should divide when it gets to a certain size. This might not be an easy task because people who meet together for awhile and want to stay together. Many times an ABF will level off because of this and never grow again.

More leaders are produced—ABF leadership emerges or is trained. This means a lot of people should help to lead.

1. Leaders are selected not elected, either by a leadership team or the pastor who advise the group. It is not the results of a vote for the one who’s best up front.

2. Leaders are selected by spiritual gifts and passions; he must have a heart for the people.

3. Leaders are significant. Their job is not busy work. They are people-work, outreach, socials or things that can make a difference in the strategy of the church.

(submitted by Grant David)
For more details on how to get involved in or lead an ABF contact Grant David.