New Beginnings Charis Fellowship Church

ABF - WINTER Quarter - 2018 - 2019

ABF Overseer: Grant David (717) 628-1280

Bereans: Lowell Wirt - We will study “The Bumps are What You Climb On” by Warren Weirsbe. This study will offer solid hope and comfort for those times when we are faced with frustration, depression, disappointment, or loneliness, plus more. Wisdom, straight from God’s Word, will guide us through tough times and help us respond with a strong faith. Join us in rooms B-8/9, as we learn to climb on our bumps.

Women of Faith: Joanne Baker - As Christians, we live in the realm of Grace. We are justified by Grace. We are sanctified by Grace, and we are glorified by Grace. God tells us to be holy in all our behavior, as He is Holy. How do we “Rest” in Christ while we pursue a life of holiness? Come join us and find out for yourself. Located in room B-10 (Ladies only).

Family Bible Fellowship: Shawn Kreiser - No need to wait until the summer to experience Momentum Youth Conference. Join the Family Bible Fellowship, as we alternate Sunday mornings, watching a video and discussing it with class members. Building on the word “Resolved”, come and learn how you can resolve to live a life for Jesus everyday and in all situations. Located in rooms B-4/5

Higher Ground: John Ravert - Missionary reports from the field are shared and the information for that week’s missionary in our church booklet is read. The class prays for the requests and praises that were included in the reports. Located in the Lobby.

Christian Life Class: Ed Dechert - We will be doing a Christian Life Series, God Comes to Earth - “The Advent of Immanuel”; “Christ Pursuing His Mission”; Christ’s Authority Displayed” Located in the South Auditorium - downstairs overflow.

Commitment to Grow: Josh Stegeman - We will be looking at the people of great faith in Hebrews Chapter 11. In order to do this, we will look back in the Old Testament and study the accounts of those mentioned in Hebrews. It will be exciting to discuss these “faithful people” who have had an impact on our lives and still do today! Located in the South Auditorium - upstairs overflow.