New Beginnings Grace Brethren Church

ABF - Winter Quarter 2017/2018

ABF Overseer: Grant David (717) 628-1280

Bereans: Lowell Wirt - We will conclude our survey of the New Testament, using a study guide written by Dr. Paul N. Benware, titled “Survey of the New Testament.” We are continuing a book by book study of the 27 books of the New Testament. We are looking at the political and ideological forces of the first century world. This study includes a chronological study of the life of Christ and links each epistle to its historical base, the book of Acts. This quarter, we begin in Hebrews and conclude with Revelation.

Women of Faith: Joanne Baker - The Grace of God is one of the most important subjects in all scripture and is probably one of the least understood. To live out confidently and effectively the work God has done in us inwardly, we must realize that our day to day relationship with God is based on the infinite merit of Christ and not our own performance. Come; learn this essential truth so that you can enjoy the abundant freedom and joy that is yours in Christ.

Family Bible Fellowship: Shawn Kreiser - Please consider joining our multi-generational class this quarter as we explore the gospel of Jesus Christ and search out it’s glory - God in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. Paul David Washers study on the subject will be the text we use as we probe the depths of this amazing topic, our salvation.

Higher Ground: John Ravert - We meet each week to obtain the latest updates from our missionaries around the world and pray for their needs and requests.

Internation Uniform S.S. Lession: Ed Dechert - We will be looking at faith in action “Faith in Christ”; “A Living Faith in God”, and “Godly Faith”

Commitment to Grow: Josh Stegeman - We will be looking into the topic of worship. What is it? How does it look? We will be using the book, “Acceptable Worship” by DR. C.H. Snyder to help guide us through the scriptures, to see what God has to say about worship, that He accepts..

Loving Our Lord - LOL: LeeVon Martin - We will use the “Fearless Conversation” series, which asks questions such as “Is God in control of my life.” Jesus loved getting people to think. Some other questions we will explore, “Where is your faith?” “Who do you say that I am?” and a very simple question, “What do you think?” All these questions are answered by Jesus’ teachings in His ‘Word, Join us for great discussion and get answers from God’s Word.

Post High: Rex Kidder - We will be using the Inductive Bible Study Method to look at our Statement of Faith.