New Beginnings Charis Fellowship Church

ABF - WINTER Quarter -  2019/2020

ABF Overseer: Grant David (717) 628-1280

Bereans: Lowell Wirt -We are continuing,“God Isn’t in A Hurry”, by Warren Weirsbe. Our study exhorts Christians to relax and enjoy their walk with Him. Our walk includes great and enjoyable experiences, and other times, they can get bumpy or scary. This study helps Christians develop and sharpen discernment, develop powerful prayer lives, increase involvement in an on the move church, and standing firm in an ever-changing world. Located in rooms B-8/9

Women of Faith: Joanne Baker: - We will continue to use Pastor Keith’s sermons for discussion during the Winter Quarter, focusing on our understanding of the Scriptures, applying God’s precepts to our daily lives, demonstrating our love for one another and reaching the lost by building relationships in our community. Located in B-10 - (Ladies only)

Family Bible Fellowship: Shawn Kreiser - As the winter blows, the Family ABF plans to embark on a journey through the book of Revelation. As we are told in the first chapter, “Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and heeds the things which are written in it; for the time is near.” Please consider joining us on this journey. Located in rooms B-4/5

Higher Ground: John Ravert - Join us as we review reports from our missionaries and pray for their requests and rejoice with them in their praises! Located in the Library

Christian Life Class: Ed Dechert - Our topic of discussion for the Winter Quarter will be discipleship. We will center around “The Prelude to Discipleship”, “The Beginning of Discipleship”, & “The Life of Discipleship”. Located in D-wing.

Commitment to Grow: Josh Stegeman - Join our ABF as we study the Book of First John. We will concentrate on how this letter still applies to us as “the church” today. Located in the Youth Room.