New Beginnings Charis Fellowship Church

ABF - Summer Quarter - 2018

ABF Overseer: Grant David (717) 628-1280

Bereans: Lowell Wirt - We will be sharing our favorite Bible characters with the class this quarter. Each member is encouraged to use scripture to share what impresses them about this Biblical character. Located in rooms B-8/9

Women of Faith: Joanne Baker - As Christians, we live in the realm of Grace. We are justified by Grace. We are sanctified by Grace, and we are glorified by Grace. God tells us to be holy in all our behavior, as He is Holy. How do we “Rest” in Christ while we pursue a life of holiness? Come join us and find out for yourself. Located in room B-10 (Ladies only).

Family Bible Fellowship: Shawn Kreiser - The gospel, the good news, has the power to change lives. Come and study this good news with our family every Sunday morning, as we preach the gospel to ourselves. Newcomers welcome. Located in rooms B4/5.

Higher Ground: John Ravert - We meet each week to obtain the latest updates from our missionaries around the world and pray for their needs and requests. Located in the Lobby.

International Uniform S.S. Lession: Ed Dechert - This quarter, we will be studying the topic of “Justice in the New Testament”. Our Summer Quarter will consist of three studies: June - “Our Just and Merciful God”, July - “Calls for Justice and Mercy”, August - “New Life in Christ”. Located in the South Auditorium - downstairs overflow.

Commitment to Grow: Josh Stegeman - We will be looking into the topic of worship. What is it? How does it look? We will be using the book, “Acceptable Worship” by DR. C.H. Snyder to help guide us through the scriptures, to see what God has to say about worship, and what He accepts as worship! Located in the South Auditorium - upstairs overflow.

Post High: Rex Kidder - We will be using the Inductive Bible Study Method to look at our Statement of Faith.